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Business Opportunities In Logistics

Often when we think of businesses, we forget all of the people who are self-employed that pass us every day. Perhaps one of the most overlooked possible careers for the self-starter who wants to own a business is working in the trucking industry. There are so many different types of trucking jobs to choose from. Of course there is the behind the wheel position as a driver and the support position of a back-up driver, but what other opportunities are there? You could work, loading or unloading trucks. You could find work dispatching or even giving directions to truckers. I have a friend who is an insurance agent that is a retired trucker and only works with trucker and the special insurance needs they have.
Trucking as a Business

One of the perhaps more interest trucking jobs is logistics services. If you are not familiar with logistics these are the people who, simply put, hire truck drivers to take things from point A to point B. if you have a huge company then you either have your own trucks, but what smaller companies do is hire independent truck drivers to pick up their items and then deliver them where they need to go. In this case a logistics person, or company, arranges the when the items will be picked up, where they are going, when they will arrive, and how much it will cost. Of course if you only have one or two boxes then you use Fed Ex or UPS but when you have a whole bunch of things that need to go somewhere the logistics person becomes your greatest friend. The nice part about using a service like this is it really doesn’t matter where you are in the country. Because truckers are always looking for their next load, they contact a deliver solutions company to find something for them to haul. The more a truck can be moving the more money it makes.

A great example of a company that handles logistics is Stevens Transport. You can find a ton of information out about how logistics works as well as how you can use a company like this to help you: run a truck and keep it busy, get your shipment where you need it, or even how you can become a logistic services coordinator yourself.
If you are thinking about going into business by yourself you might be surprised how many opportunities you can find in trucking.