Third-Party Employment Agencies

Introducing Third-Party Employment Agencies

Are you thinking of a temp or some kind of employment agency in order to find qualified applicants? Or rather, have you decided to become an agency and provide businesses with employees? You may be a general job-seeking agency that offers a wide range of applicants or one that specializes in a particular area of expertise (such as nannies, designers, landscapers, etc.).

I didn’t realize the amount of ethics surrounding employment agencies. Whether you are the agency, the applicant or the client, it is important to realize that [in general] there is no permanent contract. This may seem obvious but it means the client is at liberty to fire the applicant at any time for any reason. Likewise, applicants can quit or change jobs at any time for any reason. Again this is when involved with an agency, otherwise known as “temping”. There are more protocols and “general permissions” may differ depending on the agency.

Ethics are also involved when it comes to a fair compensation. In my experience working with an agency, employees are paid more than the average hourly rate. This is so the agency makes a profit. Agencies take a percentage of the hourly rate that they charge the client. As a result, clients end up paying a little more but often find the service worth it.

In turn the company doesn’t have to deal with the nitty gritty of other business policies and HR management that comes along with hiring someone. Additionally receiving the benefit of avoiding a tedious screening process, liability insurance and any regulations involved in specialized positions.

If you are an employer and are looking for an employment agency:

You want to make sure the agency has insurance! This should be a no-brainer. Especially if you are hiring people to do any kind of physical labor.

As I mentioned, they should have a quality screening process. However don’t rely on the agency to do it’s part. That is, they may screen out the obvious unqualified applicants but you may want to set up your own additional interviews as a second filter. The best agencies are ones that are the most flexible when it comes to your decisions about hiring the best possible candidates. They should also provide options as to how you would like the candidates to be screened.

If you decide you want to contract out employees to employers for business there are a few things to keep in mind:

Not only the needs of job-seekers but also the needs of employers.
Must have an employee insurance policy.
Job training and resume writing services (optional) But a win-win opportunity in which applicants sharpen their skills in an effort to get hired. Qualified applicants mean better leads to more clients and the services are additional income for you.
I find the agency business interesting… whoever said “third-party” services are useless? We can’t all be the best multi-talented, multi-taskers…

So have I missed anything significant? Comment Me!

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