Light Laptops For Business

If you use a computer as the main working tool, doing whatever, from writing to programming to acting as a remote secretary, in addition to working at your office or home, you are probably often also doing it in cafeterias, at your client’s place or wherever else. Or if you’re not, you’d probably like to. While I have seen people in pubs and cafeterias with 17-inch laptops weighing 5kg, that’s not really what laptops are meant for. At least in my opinion.

Laptops meant for work need to be light

If you have a business laptop, you should be able to carry it along all day long, without having to think about where to put it while moving around or which pub has an electricity switch nearby. Yes, you will still usually have to consider whether there’s wireless internet offered, but that’s already another story.

Compared to time even just 3 years back, laptops have evolved a lot, and while it still does depend what work you do and how many “horse-powers” you still need from your laptop, when buying a new laptop, we can often be sure that power-wise it will be quite good, any of them.

But what about the weight and the battery? That’s the spot where you need to start thinking. And all you ladies out there, you might also look at the color, okay, that’s normal.

Lenovo has just come out with some nice laptops, Ultrabook- Lenovo Ideapads. These laptops are ultra light and thin, with up to 9 hours of battery and 90-day standby mode, weight from 2.91 lbs or depending on model 3.75 lbs. The prices start at just $599.

If you work a lot outside your home and office, and you need a reliable, yet light and with reasonable battery, laptop, Lenovo just might be your perfect choice.

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